Zenith List Company






Zenith Mailing List Company offers complete List Brokerage services. We will assist you in finding, selecting, and ordering the lists you may need for your direct marketing program. There is never a direct charge for these services. We will acquire the lists you require from all of the various resources and earn for this service a 20% commission from the list supplier. You will be billed by Zenith for the actual costs of the lists, select pricing, and media. There are no other charges for this excellent service.

We offer special expertise in list research in many areas. Ask us about these markets. If it is an area in which we feel we have competence and experience, we’ll agree to provide a list of lists for your perusal. Although we may recommend some of the lists that we manage, this is not a requirement. We will provide a thorough and unbiased report, based on our years of experience in the direct mail market.

We subscribe to the major list directory services and maintain regular contact with dozens of other list suppliers. One of our special skills is knowledge of niche lists that are not generally available. There are literally hundreds of lists in every market segment that are neither listed in the list directories nor known to be available for rental. Over the years we have made many special contacts with these kinds of sources, so can offer you exclusive lists in the important niches of your market. If you should wish to order lists from any source, this can be implemented by us with a minimum of administration and difficulty.

Also, we can provide the additional exceptional service through our List Service Bureau of merging/purging the various lists, so that your mailing is free of duplicates and undeliverable addresses.

Please feel free to give us a call with your marketing and list objectives. We’ll be glad to help.