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About Us

Zenith Mailing List Company has been serving mailers for nearly 20 years. The company was founded to provide quality response lists to the medical industry. Over time, the company grew to include lists from all facets of business-to-business and consumer markets.  Check out our hundreds of selects and lists for your marketing effort. You’ll find lists and niches nowhere else available.

Check Out Our Many Unique Selects!

Zenith’s specialty is to acquire and manage key lists in hard-to-find market segments and niches. Mailers have tested and continued with all of our major lists and selects. You will find quality response with these proven responders.

List Updated, Cleansed and Refreshed Continually!

Our lists are continually updated with additions and corrections from the list owners. In addition, these lists are cleansed with regularly scheduled National Change of Address updates. You can depend on a Zenith list to be 99% deliverable and to be a timely and active direct mail responder.

List Brokerage Services

Because we have helped many companies plan their mailings, we have become experts in list selections for certain industries. Since our founding we have added a full-service List Brokerage division. If you seek counsel on the types of lists and sources that you may require for your direct marketing effort, the Zenith List Division will be happy to offer recommendations not only of our own lists, if that is appropriate, but also for lists sourced from other companies. This service is free, as we earn our commission from the various list suppliers if you should order your lists through Zenith. We don’t claim to be expert in every market, but if your needs should fall in an area where we have experience, we’ll be glad to offer this service to you.

Same-Day/Next Day Shipping Capability!

Our lists are housed in our Reno, Nevada, computer service bureau. Staffed with list professionals and the latest software and equipment, this team can fill any kind of order or medium quickly. We offer 24-hour shipping or e-mail capability without extra rush charges.

List Management Services, Too!

In addition to our own lists, Zenith manages the customer and in-house lists of many other companies, including publishers, manufacturers, and non-profit organizations. We represent various list owners in the rental of their lists to other mailers. The list owners receive a royalty on these sales. There is no risk or expense to the list owners. Zenith carries all the costs of promotion, sales, list maintenance, and shipping. If you have an in-house list, no matter how small or large, you might consider asking us about our List Management Services.