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1002 - Health Care Masterfile

MIN #91885, SRDS #766855-000

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Over One Million Active Mail-Responsive Health Care Offices & Professionals

We have organized all the health care response files from our various lists and databases  into a single, easy-to-use masterfile with categories listed in alphabetical order.

Order all selects at base price of $95/M without select charges!
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Minimum Order            3,000 Base Price                    $95/M
Disk, E-Mail                 $50 Cheshire, Bar-Coded       $5/M
Pressure-Sensitive Labels  $15/M Selects (Gender & Geo.)   $5/M
Telephones                   $25/M Key Coding                  $5/M
Shipping 2 Day             $17.50 Shipping Overnight            $35

All files 12 months or less.  Files updated monthly.

Brokers Welcome.